The Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour 2017

Earlier this week I was invited to trial the upcoming World Burger Tour menu at The Hard Rock Cafe in Manchester. The menu is launching this weekend and will be running until June 25th – during this time you’ll be able to try one, or two, or even all eight, burgers inspired by cuisines from around the world. And if you pick up a World Burger Tour passport on your first visit then you’ll be able to get a stamp for each city (burger) you try – collect all 8 and get your favourite one a second time for free!

The restaurant in Manchester is located in The Printworks and has all the usual characteristics of a Hard Rock Cafe – vintage instruments, collectors items, a store to buy your branded pint glass or jumper and they even offer memorabilia tours whilst you wait for your food.

The launch night involved a selection of mini burgers to taste along with a selection of cocktails from the new menu. It was a fab evening and some of the burgers were really awesome! I didn’t get to taste them all as I think I missed a few on their way around, plus I was pretty full by the last one I had, burgers are so filling! The cities/burgers on the menu are Tennessee BBQ Burger (Memphis), Tango Salsa Burger (Buenos Aires), Banh Mi Burger (Ho Chi Minh), Ole Burger (Barcelona), English Breakfast Burger (London), Jambalaya Burger (New Orleans), Colombian Plantain Burger (Cartagena) and the Korean Kimchi Burger (Seoul). Below are the ones I did taste and what I thought of them…can you guess which will be my favourite?

These first two I really liked, they weren’t my favourite overall but were definitely strong contenders and scored quite high. The sliders were the perfect little tasters and we washed down with pink cocktails and sweet potato fries.

Tennessee BBQ Burger (Memphis)

This burger has BBQ pulled pork, spicy slaw and gherkins on it – it’s reaaallllyyyy nice and the spicy slaw adds just the right amount of kick and creamyness to the pulled pork.

I give it a 4/5.

Tango Salsa Burger (Buenos Aires)

Egg, chorizo, salsa and cheese give this burger tonnes of flavour and the chorizo especially is the shining star here. I’m not usually a fan off egg on burgers but this time it works and I wouldn’t hesitate to order it again.

Again, I give this one a 4/5.

The next two I wasn’t a huge fan of, I’m not sure whether they were a bit unusual for my palette or whether I had just been too impressed by the first two to love these ones the same.

English Breakfast Burger (London)

You’d think this would be a winner but actually this was my least favourite one. It has herby sausage, egg, tomato, mushroom and sauce. Personally I really don’t like herby sausages so I feel it was a little doomed from the get-go.

Sorry London, a sad 1/5.

Colombian Plantain Burger (Cartagena)

Plantain is basically banana which I find a really strange thing to have on a banana, especially with caramelized onions and bacon. Not a huge fan of this one.

This one gets a 2/5.

The next two contain my middle of the road burger and my absolute favourite. I washed these down with some more fries and a pretty blue cocktail.

Banh Mi Burger (Ho Chi Minh)

I found this burger, with asian veggies, rather plain – I think it was the lack of sauce/wet topping. The veggies added an unusual favour which was refreshing but ultimately it didn’t take my breath away.

Nothing special, a 3/5.

Jambalaya Burger (New Orleans)

Crispy chicken, cheese, spicy sauce and slaw combine to make this burger a flavour punch and was the star of the day for me. This one’s pretty spicy so grab some sweet potato fries and mayo to accompany it!

The favourite of the day with a 5/5.

There are of course two burgers that I didn’t get to try so I can’t comment on them but they sound really yummy. I love Kimchi so the Seoul burger is definitely one I want to try and the Ole Barcelona burger has pepper and goats cheese on it which are flavours I absolutely adore so I’ll be back soon to try these ones out. The menu is such a fun idea and offers some really interesting cuisines to try. Plus the cocktails are awesome!

Which of these burgers sound the best to you?


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