Rescuing a Dog Through the RSPCA | Meet George

Bit of a different theme to my post today – but it’s such a prominent thing going on in my life right now that I thought I should share it and, hopefully, offer some advice at the same time. I actually have a feeling this may become a bit of a series as we progress through the experience so keep your eyes peeled for more posts after this one.

Phil and I have always wanted a dog, however living in rented properties hasn’t meant that we are able to due to most landlords not allowing their tenants to have pets – boo! For the last few years we’ve said that as soon as we buy a house we’d get either a puppy or a rescue dog and I’ve been waiting, with bated breath, for the day that was possible! If you follow my blog or on Instagram then you’ll know that we FINALLY completed on our first house in November and so we agreed that once Christmas and New Year were out of the way that we’d start looking for our little fur baby.

For a long time we flitted between getting a puppy, and which breeds we liked, or rescuing a dog that was in need of a home. To be honest right up until the day we reserved George we were still unsure. One tab on my computer had pets4homes puppy listings open and others had The Dogs Trust and the RSPCA websites open – still unsure and just hoping that once we found the right one we’d just know. And we did.

It was a Thursday evening and I had spotted this ADORABLE 2 year old German Shepherd dog that was becoming available for rehoming in 2 days time; he was a little further away than we had initially planned but I fell in love instantly. Phil was also really keen on him and so we got up early doors on Saturday morning to head over to Liverpool to their RSPCA centre to meet him.

Once we arrived there was a queue that felt as long as the Great Wall of China but we waited, somewhat patiently, until the centre opened and I darted around trying to spot George. All of a sudden I heard a huge commotion over by the staff door which distracted me and I wandered over to earwig on the drama – damn me and my gossip radar! But it turns out that rescuing dogs is a cut-throat experience! The same day a little 1 year old Labrador girl called Daisy had become available and there were loads of people there wanting to adopt her. Apparently one guy had pushed in front of another lady to get to the door first, and ofcouse the RSCPA lady just saw the guy first (the rule is first come first served). Anyway a big argument ensued over little Daisy and who was here for her first – as they were arguing with each other the RSCPA lady caught my eye and asked if I was ok – I thought here’s my chance to get in first and so I told her we wanted to meet George. She asked me to wait and she’d be with me after she’d sorted out her current issue, I had to giggle! The dramas some people get themselves involved in makes me laugh!

In the mean time we went and found George, he was the only dog there that was sat quietly (rather than barking like his life depended on it) and he looked so adorable – he was going strong with the puppy dog eyes and we were completely suckered in by them! After the argument had been sorted and Daisy had met the guy, his family and their other dogs (about an hour I might add!!) we finally got to meet George. It was love at first sight! Move over Phil I have a new love of my life now!

He was super hyper as he’d just been neutered and therefore not walked for a few days but he was just so loving and cuddly. We both bonded with him in a split second and once the lady had talked us through what he was like, the adoption process and what was required from us etc. we filled out some forms to apply to adopt him. We paid a £20 deposit to confirm we were serious (non-refundable if you drop out which is fair enough) and were told someone from a Manchester based branch would be in touch to arrange a home visit.

On Wednesday the lady from the Manchester office came to view the property to check our garden was secure and that we had enough space for George and then on Thursday I got the call to say everything was fine with the home visit and we could pick George up on Saturday! So all within the space of a week we had our little pup ready to come home.

Yesterday we picked George up and welcomed him in to our home! I’ll be doing regular posts on how we’re getting on as I know adopting rescue dogs isn’t always the easiest thing due to their backgrounds and getting them settled can take a little longer than with puppies as they’ve had so much to adjust to in their lives. So watch this space for more info and advice on rescuing a dog.

>Have you adopted a rescue dog or have a German Shepherd and have any advice for me? Or are you looking to adopt and have any questions about the adoption process that I haven’t covered? Get in touch and let me know…


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