Project Upcycle | The “New” TV Unit

After seeing so many of my fave instagrammers and their up-cycling success stories; this month I decided to try my hand at it. The main reason for this is because I haven’t been able to find a little corner TV unit that goes with our dining table, damn Cousins Furniture for doing, what seems like, every piece of furniture you can imagine in this range EXCEPT the one I need! So after several weeks of endless online shopping and finding one, somewhat similar, unit that was the price of a small car; I decided f**k it, I’ll try it myself.

I found a unit I liked on Shpock (I’ve come across SO MANY great finds on here lately!), borrowed a sander from our neighbour and bought some paint. I just got standard paint from Wickes…I went for “Dove Grey” for the body and “Coffee Bean” for the top and door knobs.

The below photos are from the Shpock advert (as I was too excited to get started when I got the unit home and forgot to take any “before” photos – oopps).

I put Phil to work sanding down the unit ready for painting (and he loved me for it). Once it was done I washed it down, left it to dry and then gave it a coat of primer to ensure the paint held. George even decided to try and get involved at this point, leaving him with paint all over his ear fur – he didn’t seem very impressed about it at all!

I left it over night to dry and then painted the colours on – leaving it to dry overnight again between coats.

Once it was all painted I think put it back together and hey-presto! One up cycled unit!

If I was to do it again I would use chalk paint as it wasn’t until after I was half way through that my mum decided to kindly let me know that if you buy chalk paint then you don’t need to sand or prime anything because the paint sticks to anything – including varnished furniture! I probably should have done a bit more research before I took on the project! Either way I ended up with a unit that now fits with our kitchen-diner decor and didn’t cost a fortune in the process!

Have you up cycled anything lately? Do you have any hints or tips for me to think about in the future?


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