Princess Hair at HbyH Studios

Last Monday I was invited by the lovely ladies at HbyH Studios in Sale to attend their launch night where they were offering a sneak preview of their newly renovated salon space and demos of the services they offer. After a drunken weekend at Parklife I couldn’t think of anything better than a bit of pampering. Plus, quite frankly, someone else washing my hair for me so I didn’t have to was an absolute DREAM!

I was greeted by the lovely Lauren (@laurenwattshair) who gave me a cocktail in a lightbulb glass (I know right!) and showed me around the salon. She then took me off to have my hair washed before settling me in my seat and asking me if there was anything I wanted to learn how to do or anything specific she could do for me. I always have trouble creating sleek curls or waves whilst also achieving body in my roots (without heading to a salon every morning!) so I asked her to give me some hints and tips on how I could do that from home myself. I also explained that it’s difficult to get any shape to hold in my extensions which are naturally extremely straight. I’ve had full curly blow drys that have then been put in pin curls for 8 hours before a night out that have fallen out within a few hours!

Lauren talked me through some products she suggested could help me fight against my hairs desire to be flat and some techniques that would aid in combatting the stubborn straightness of my extensions. She then set about putting in to practise the things she had explained. The fantastic thing was that she really listened to the things I had explained to her and really took the time to treat my natural hair and my extensions differently in order to achieve the look I had been after. She also gave me tips on alternative ways to manoeuvre my head and arms to achieve the same end results which was super helpful as, let’s face it, only circus performers can extend their arms behind their heads the way you’d need to in order to match a hairdressers movements!

The trick I, and every salon I’ve been to since having my extensions, had been missing with getting curls to stay in my hair was that it needs to be dried with a curl in it (not blasted or too sleeked out on the ends) followed by being curled with styling tools. Apparently the double curling is what gets it to hold, and trust me it worked! My princess curls were still present in my hair the following day when usually they would have fallen out to a little flick of the ends by the time I got home! Magical!

The salon itself is fresh and clean and has this super cute industrial look about it with visible hanging bulbs, reclaimed wooden crates and plenty of metal accentuating decorations that give it a New York loft appeal. They also have a ring light which is perfect for those insta-worthy boomerang shots of your new hair!

If you live in the area or anywhere nearby then I highly recommend heading down to the salon (and asking for Lauren if you can!) to experience it for yourself! The ladies really know their stuff and are super friendly to boot. They offer everything from styling and colour to treatments and extensions. Plus what girl doesn’t want princess hair?

**My hair styling session was received with compliments however all opinions are my own


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