Our Needs v Wants List: Revisited

Firstly, I’m feeling terrible for not posting more at the moment, it’s been sooooo long since I last posted anything on here – time seems to literally fly by and before I know it another month has gone without me managing to finish a blog post (you should see the number of half-drafted posts I have sitting on my desktop!). So I’m going to do a quick one now as it is something that I have been thinking lots about over the last few weeks…

Phil and I recently reserved our first home – (woohoooo!) and we complete on it in a few months depending on solicitors/mortgages etc, the excitement is unreal!! After we reserved our house I had a look back at my post about our needs and wants for the home we wanted to buy to see what we had compromised on and what we had managed achieve. We bought a new build by the developers Redrow – we chose the Shaftesbury.

The NEEDS list:

  • Driveway ✔️
  • Minimum 2 double bedrooms and 1 single room ✔️
  • Bathroom with a bath ✔️
  • Not on a main road – we want a puppy! ✔️ (we’re on the edge of the development but it isn’t a main road)
  • Kitchen big enough for our American fridge-freezer
  • Good sized kitchen and bathroom ✔️
  • Nice kitchen and bathroom – we want something that we won’t have to renovate too soon if we don’t want to ✔️ (new build)
  • Garden with grass, but not too much grass ✔️ (when we do the garden there will be grass)
  • Hallway/porch/entranceway ✔️
  • Close enough to walk to shops – ✔️ roughly a 10 minute walk
  • Easy public transport access ✔️ roughly a 15 minute walk
  • Not more than 30-40 mins driving time to work (in rush hour traffic)

The only compromises we made were giving up our American fridge-freezer as we bought a new build that had a fridge-freezer built in (not an American one sadly) but we still have the old one in the garage to sell/give away/keep for BBQs and xmas.

The house is also a little further from our works than we had wanted and it would take over an hour to get there in rush hour traffic but I’ve been starting late recently and then I move to a city centre office in a few months so it’s basically the same journey time as anywhere on the outskirts of Manchester. And Phil travels to work so early that he misses rush hour anyway!

The WANTS list:

  • Garage ✔️
  • 3 double bedrooms ✔️ we actually have 4 doubles which is very unusual!
  • Conservatory
  • Study/Office/Den ✔️
  • Downstairs toilet ✔️

The only thing we don’t have is a conservatory but we got a house that has a den/second living room in the open-plan kitchen/dining room so we don’t really need one as the big sliding doors open straight out on to the garden as it is.

The DREAMS list:

  • A cottage with beams
  • Visible brick
  • A rolltop bath
  • Belfast sink in the kitchen
  • A window seat
  • An island in the kitchen
  • Walk in wardrobe/extra bedroom next to master bedroom that can be converted
  • En-suite bathroom to the main bedroom ✔️

The dreams list was just that, my dream home so it’s not surprising that most of them we’re achieved. Quite a few of the “dreams” weren’t an option the second we decided on buying a new build which is something I had always been so against until I saw the developer Redrow – they make new houses look more traditional, yet with all the same perks as brand new properties (10 year guarantee, options to choose the style, new appliances and boiler, no worries about mould/drafts etc). They’re the only developer I’ve seen that don’t build cookie-cutter box houses like most developers. We basically found the developer and chose our house around them rather than choosing an area and seeing what we could find. We’re sooo happy with our new home and can’t wait to complete and move in!

Have any of you just bought a new home or are you looking to buy? Have you made compromises or have you landed your dream home?


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