NYE in Dublin & The (Accidental) Duty Free Haul


I hope you had a FAB holiday season and celebrated NYE in style! To me that’s usually a good bottle of wine and a pizza in front of the tv for the night but this year Phil and I went to Dublin with a group of friends which was a nice change. We went for 4 nights, renting an Airbnb apartment from a lovely lady called Jeanette – it’s actually her apartment that she lives in and rents out whilst she’s away so it was very homely and had more than the usual essentials that you expect from an Airbnb stay.

We had an absolutely amazing time and I’d love to be able to share lots of pretty pictures of the city and all our adventures. However, because it was a New Year trip, we kind of got carried away with partying and drinking (see: sleeping our hangovers off all day) and so we were barely out of the apartment during daylight hours.

What I CAN share with you though is the duty free haul I (accidentally) got on my way out to Dublin. I promised myself I wasn’t going to do any shopping or buy myself anything, all I needed to do was nip to the MAC counter to get a brush to go with my friend’s present…then all hell broke loose. I got a bit carried away and treated myself to A FEW things…

“Plum Dandy” MAC Lipstick

It all started with this gorgeous MAC lipstick called “Plum Dandy” – I was waiting for the MAC lady to come back with the brush I was getting for my friend Caz and I got distracted by how glittery and pretty it is, this picture doesn’t do it justice. I just had to have it! I told myself it was fine because it was a shade I don’t have PLUS it’s got the glitz and glam element that’s essential for NYE, I mean really I should have bought it already anyway right?! Like most MAC lipsticks it has incredible staying power and I only needed to top it up once all night…winner!

It’s a fab colour that isn’t too OTT (I’m not a big fan of bright lipsticks as I don’t think they suit me) but it’s just the perfect amount of pop with the glittery touch that makes it stand out and adds some sparkle to my make up for a night out. LOVE IT!

Bobbi Brown Limited Edition “Naked” Brightening Brick

Left: Brightening Brick in “Naked” – Right: Nude Finish Illuminating Powder in “Buff”

Next I popped over to the Jo Malone concession to have a smell of all their wonderful candles and perfumes and anyone who goes through Manchester Terminal 1 duty free will know that Jo Malone shares a shop with Bobbi Brown make up. This is where my “ahh f*** it” mentality kicked in and I just went for it. I was busy smelling all the lovely candles when a big sign promoting the new limited edition Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick caught my eye. The highlighter is full of bright glittery pigments to highlight with and you only need the slightest amount to get such a gorgeous, yet natural looking, glow. I was sold! The powder is also set in to the most stunning gold casing which is an accessory in itself…swooooon!

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation and Nude Finishing Illuminating Powder in “Buff”

On my way to the counter to pay for my highlighter (this always happens to me!) I spotted a foundation that is also a serum – a concept I’d never seen before (forgive the ignorance if this is a totally normal item!) and I had to give it a go. For the last few months I’ve been taking Isotrenin (Accutane) to help clear up the acne on my shoulders however it’s left me with SUCH dry skin on my face and lips – I used to have really oily skin before so this dryness is completely knew to me. It’s great that my make up stays on so much longer however if I forget to moisturise for even one night then my face is a peeling mess the next morning – such a nightmare! And my lips are super painful and I have to apply this heavy duty lip salve about 1000 times a day just so my lips don’t crack when I smile. I feel like I’m living in the Sahara desert or something sometimes!!

Anyway, I asked the lady working on the counter to colour match for me and she found the perfect shade (2: Sand, FYI). I really liked the coverage its seemed to give whilst not feeling heavy on my skin at all. But I was a bit dubious that the serum in it would make it really wet looking when it was actually on so I asked the lovely lady to test it all over my face to see how it was. She popped a tiny bit of moisturiser on followed by a bit of primer (I was thinking OMG I’m going to look like I have a swimming pool forehead with all this moisture going on my face) and then she applied the foundation. Once it was on the coverage was gorgeous but I was quite shiny which I wasn’t a fan of at all – luckily she applied some powder to the top which settled down the shine loads and my face felt like I wasn’t actually wearing any make up at all. The powder she had used on me also had a slight shimmer to it which added a fantastic element to my face and made my skin look even smoother. I ended up buying both the foundation and the powder (pictured above with the highlighter). I was on a role by this point!

The only thing I will say about the foundation is that when you’re applying it, it does seem like you’re putting quite a lot on but it’s just because of how smooth and runny the liquid is. However it’s completely worth it because my face felt fantastic for the whole day and the coverage lasted right through to the evening – plus when I took my make up off that night it was smooth and supple which is great as usually it feels a little tight and thirsty by the end of the day when I wear other foundations. I’d highly recommend this foundation if you have dry skin because it’s incredible! PLUS it’s SPF 40 so it’s protecting too!

Victoria’s Secret Lingerie

By this point I was in full shopping mode and when I walked out of Bobbi Brown with my little collection I thought nothing of strolling in to Victoria’s Secret and picking myself up some cute knickers – VS really do the best knickers don’t they! I opted for some black and light pink, silky, lacey numbers which went down really well when Phil arrived in Dublin later that day. They’re so comfy and the silk just feels divine on my tush!

We had a fab time in Dublin for NYE, partied our socks off and laughed so much it’s unreal. Our first night we went to The Old Storehouse in Temple Bar which had live music and a really good atmosphere. Then we spent actual NYE at Bad Bobs, also in Temple Bar – definitely worth a visit if you’re over there!! It’s a bar-cum-nightclub which literally has everything you could want in a venue. There’s plenty of tables and seating – we got a table as soon as we walked through the door and there’s a dance floor upstairs on the second floor. The floors above have more bars and they’re SO quick at serving drinks it’s insane. The English really need to learn a thing or two from the Irish when it comes to service…NYE and the longest I queued for a drink was probably 2 and half minutes – NUTS!


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