November Lust List | Christmas Prep

With Christmas decorations donning every shop, the Christmas markets being set up all through town and my mum constantly reminding me that “it’s only x weeks until Christmas day” – you can imagine why it’s basically all I can think about right now. So in the spirit of preparing for the most expensive, overrated yet always heartwarming day of the year, I’ve been planning what I need to do to get ready for Mr Claus’ arrival, alongside fan-girling over a few other items that have caught my eye lately.

First on my prep list: lose last year’s winter pounds. Those extra few (feels like hundred?!) pounds that joined me last Christmas season decided to stick to me like glue this year and, after being sent the prettiest work-xmas-party dress by the lovely guys at Boubelle (more on this soon!), I’ve realised that I’d like to shift a bit of the wobble I’m carrying on my…well…everywhere. So first prep, gym clothes. Because new gear is my biggest motivator, not always a good thing but hey, sometimes you’ve just gota take what you can get.

Next up: Snugglies…because being cold just sucks. Therefore anything fur (faux obv), fleeced, soft, woven or wooly is an absolute must. Christmas shopping whilst in cosy pjs, wrapped in a big blanket or fleecy bedding with a cup of baileys hot chocolate is the thing of dreams!

The obvious: Christmas decos. Last year we had all of a week between finishing moving stuff in to our house and Christmas day. So we just popped up an old rubbish tree, backed it in to a corner (as we only had enough decorations for about a third of it) and had a slight grinch of a house with no other decorations up. This year will be different (is it too early to put the tree up now??). I’ve already bought a few BAGS of decorations home and intend to make our living room look like a mini north pole. Let’s just hope the dog doesn’t try to eat them all before the big day!

SPEAKING OF WHICH…it’ll be our first Christmas with George so, even though he has absolutely no clue what the hell Christmas even is, I intend to spoil him rotten! He’s getting his own stocking – I’ve written to Santa already don’t worry! – and about a gazillion presents under the tree. He may not understand who Santa is but he definitely knows what a jumbone is!

6ft Spruce Tree – £149
Pom Pom Throw – £28
Pearl Jumper – £29.99
Dog Gift Sack – £12
Xmas Wreath – £45
Faux Fur Gilet – £49.99
Malibu Tshirt – £18

Are you starting your prep for Christmas yet? When are you planning to put up your decorations? Let me know if you spot any awesome decorations…


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