Is It Worth It? Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer Review

Last weekend I was invited to test out the Dyson Hairdryer by the lovely Emma who’s a Dyson stylist, predominantly based in the John Lewis store in the Manchester Trafford Centre.

The Dyson hairdryer launched last year after 4 years, and £50 million, of development which involved testing on 1010 miles of human hair extensions – Dyson were so secretive about their new product that they didn’t want to test their dryers on real people just in case word got out! Features of the hair dryer include magnetic nozzles, 3 precise speed settings, 4 precise heat settings, controlled air flow and heat, a cold shot function, the Dyson v9 motor, a variety of colours and a carry bag option.

The controlled heat is my favourite feature and the one that promises to make this hairdryer the least damaging for your locks. The heat at the nozzle is checked an amazing 20 times per second so that the temperature remains constant based on the setting you are using. Even on the hottest setting it never exceeds 150 degrees (most hair dryers can reach up to 230 degrees!) as, if it starts to get too hot then, the system will cool itself down. This means that, unlike with most hairdryers, the temperature will not continue to rise the longer you use the device and will be less damaging

The air power and controlled lower temperature combines to ensure that your hair drys quickly but safely – no more steam coming off your hair whilst it’s been blown! I wasn’t aware before chatting with Emma that steam coming off actually means that your hair is drying too quickly from heat and will therefore be more dried out and brittle as it’s removing it’s natural goodness. The Dyson hairdryer uses strong air power, rather than high heat, to dry quickly.

And dry quickly it does! I went in to see Emma with my hair freshly washed and, whereas when I usually go to the salon for a curly blow it takes around an hour-ish to dry my hair, Emma had me dry and curly in just 30 minutes! I was genuinely shocked that my hair could be dried so quickly! Plus, to show how good the dryer is for your hair’s health, she used no products at all yet my curls were silky soft and super shiny! Below you can see the before and after pics, including a pic with the flash on to show the shine – no extra shine boosting products or anything! My hair also held the curls until the end of the day which is really unusual for me, without a fire-starting amount of hairspray, due to my extensions being so naturally straight.

I must admit I don’t properly blow dry my hair that often, as my extensions make it sooooo much hassle, so I have always considered the Dyson dryer an unnecessarily lavish expenditure. I felt £299 was a bit excessive, especially when my £45 Remington dryer has lasted me the best part of 9 years without blowing up on me and “does the job”. However I was completely blown away (excuse the pun!) by the efficiency and ease of using the Dyson dryer, it really highlighted to me how  long it takes me to dry my hair with my dryer and how much it dries my hair out – the difference in texture was considerable, even compared to salon blow drys! So anything that can halve my drying time whilst making my hair sleek and shiny gets a big thumbs up and becomes absolutely worth it. For anyone who blows their hair regularly, or has extensions that make drying it a long process, the Dyson would definitely make your life easier and your hair healthier! It’s going on my xmas list this year so everyone please cross your fingers that Santa is feeling generous for me 😉

If you want to give the new Dyson hairdryer a test then head down to your nearest Dyson stand or shop where you can have a complimentary blow dry and style – plus it’s a perfect excuse to have your hair done before a night out or girls afternoon!

Have you tried the Dyson hairdryer? If so, what were your thoughts?

**My hair styling session was received with compliments however all opinions are my own


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