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I have the same plan every January, new year = getting my life organised. Because let’s face it, all plans and organisation for anything other than Christmas Day and NYE go straight out the window around the 1st December (read: November). This always leaves me sitting with a brew, nursing an aching head, on the 1st January feeling like I need to get my act together. Queue binge shopping for organisational items and inspo; a new diary, a new notepad, lots of pretty stationary (as if I didn’t have enough) and sitting trying to plan my life for the next few months out.

The end of 2016 was particularly chaotic with the new house and our first Christmas with my family in the new, not yet ready for hoards of people, house. So this January I’ve felt doubly guilty and have given myself an extra kick up the butt to get sorted – I have a house to decorate now too!

In comes the Hello Day Planner

Firstly, let’s just talk about that design. Marble and gold. Praise the planner gods for Hello Day and their INSANE design, isn’t it just a blogger’s dream? I could literally gush all day about my love for marble. I regularly come home with random, relatively useless, definitely not needed items just because they’re marble and they look pretty. I bought a marble rolling pin from Sainsburys the other day – I don’t even bake! Phil asked why on earth I’d bought a rolling pin; then he saw it, just rolled his eyes and said “oh it’s marble, makes sense”. At least he understands, or pretends to… Gold is also fast becoming an obsession of mine, second only to rose gold/copper. Gold always feels luxurious and expensive and that is exactly the feeling you get with this planner; the luxury and on-trend design will have you feeling a million bucks when you sit down for a coffee in your favourite hotspot and pull this baby out of your handbag.

Not only is it super pretty but it comes in the most preciously wrapped tissue, in a box that makes you feel like you’re opening an elaborate gift! But enough about how pretty it is, because that’s plain for everyone to see.

The planner itself is probably the most well thought out, useful product I’ve ever seen. So many diaries/planners are one-dimensional, they tick the bare minimum required boxes to be useful and you end up with a bag full of items just to get sorted. Last year I had 3 diaries, one small one I carried everywhere which was purely to remember when I had plans, to remember birthdays and to make sure I didn’t double-book myself. I had another for planning out my days (y’no the ones with timings down the side) which was essential for those busy days at work and another to plan and jot down ideas for my blog. I also then used a ton of notepads to plan, brainstorm and write lists (oh do I love lists!) – to do lists, to buy lists, “don’t forget to write a list for…” lists.

However the Hello Day Planner pretty much combines all of those items in to one. Although I will probably still carry around a small day to day diary – just for those days when I have a small bag with me so I can still have one on me so I don’t double book myself – so guilty of that! It’s a diary but also a scheduling assistant, notepad, reminder tool and, just from using it for the short time I’ve had it, it’s become like a little pat on the back when you look today’s page and realise you have a tick in all the right places. And if you don’t then you can just pop that one on the next page ready for tomorrow.

Some of my fave features that it has are:
– Day to page diary with Saturday and Sunday sharing a page – my weekdays are almost always busier than my weekends so this is fab as I don’t have weekend days taking up extra pages of their own.
– AM/PM/Evening scheduling (THANK YOU!) – perfect for planning my day at work whilst also remembering whatever it is I have to do once my working day is done, like a press event or drinks with my girlfriends.
– Bi-fold monthly calendars – a snapshot at what is going on that month which helps me know when I’m free that month.
– Bi-fold monthly goal settings – always useful for planning my blog.
– Tick off sections for water, exercise, this week’s task – I always try to have 3 litres of water a day so this is so useful!
– Sections on each day for to-dos and birthdays – I need every reminder I can get!
– Inspirational quotes – these are always nice to see and I’ve even removed one from the diary and have it up on my desk at work.
– Inside pockets – to pop my stickers or bits of important paper in.
– Sturdy covers (did I mention they’re marble?)
– Gold wide ring binding and corner covers

There’s even info on how to use your planner to the best of it’s potential – a little planning cheat-sheet if you will!

I’ve not long started using my planner but I’m already really impressed with it’s usability and can’t wait to see how it improves my organisation throughout the year.

Do you have one of these planners or are you still looking for your 2017 diary? Let me know what you think of this one…


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