February Lust List | Cosy Jumpers Galore

January felt like it went on FOREVERRR – amirite?! I’ve basically done Dry January (only because I couldn’t drink either side of my surgery – ugh) and I’ve spent half of the month either bed-ridden or with limited mobility (due to said surgery) so I’ve been consoling myself with online window shopping. I’ve noticed there are soooo many fab new cosy jumper releases lately – why were these not around at the start of winter when cosy jumpers were top of my purchase list?! The sales had some great finds but the new releases for the start of the year are looking too good for my bank account to be able to handle. I’ve not been picky or selective with my lusting this month so here’s an array of items I’ve taken a shine to…

Black & Gold Cross Body Bag – £32
La Mer Powder Brush – £55
CEO of my Own Life Weekly Planner – £34.99
Je T’aime Jumper – £34
Wax Jeans – £33
Buckle Boots – £89
Dior Foundation Brush – £37.50
Pearl Crop Jumper – £22.50
Black Old School Vans – £55
Charlotte Crosby Marble Leggings and Sports Bra – £34.98 (for both)
Love Sleeve Jumper – £39
Gold Alphabet Mug – £8
Babyliss 13mm Curling Tong – £35
Alice Liveing x Primark Gym Wear
Marble Coaster – £10
Flare Sleeve Jumper – £20
Hoop Bag – £29
Dogtooth Coat – £47
Dreamcatcher – £26.99
Pom Pom Sweater – £34
Black Baker Boy Hat – £15
Mustard Off-Shoulder Jumper – £22
Metal Candle Lantern – £42
Corded Detail Jumper – £39

What have you been pining for this month? Did you get any great deals in the January sales?


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