Elizabeth Arden Oxygen Facial Review

Earlier this month I visited the Elizabeth Arden stand at Boots in the Trafford Centre to experience a Customised Oxygen Blast Facial. This service is part of The Red Door “Speed Services” that certain Elizabeth Arden stores and department store stands are offering. The Boots, Trafford Centre store is one of a few in the UK that actually has a spa in the back room for full treatments but the stand itself is where the 15 minute speed services take place.

On the menu are a variety of options including including a facial, oxygen burst, and an eye treatment which all come in at £15 alongside free services such as hand and lip treatments, make up lessons and foundation matching sessions. The chargeable treatments come with the option to spend the £15 on goods and have the service for free – which is obviously the best option as then you get a cheeky facial AND some goodies to take home with you – win win!

I opted for the Booster Bar Customised Oxygen Blast as I was interested to see the results that the oxygen would offer to my skin. This service is tailored to you based on some questions your beauty therapist asks you about your skin, your routine and your worries. Options include hydrating, detoxifying, lifting and brightening nutrients which helps to tackle the issues your skin may have.

When I discussed the fact that I had previously had acne and after a course of Accutane earlier this year my skin had cleared up but recently some of those annoying undersign pimples had appeared on my temples my therapist, Jess, suggested a detoxifying blast which would help to keep my skin clear and fresh. First she cleansed my skin to remove any lingering dirt or residue from the day, then she applied the blast of nutrients followed by fresh oxygen to push the nutrients deep in to my skin.

My skin what quite shiny after the treatment and Jess advised me to ensure I touched my face as little as possible whilst the blast nutrients were at work – and not to wash my face until the following morning. When I did wash my face the next morning my skin felt very plump and rejuvenated, like the oxygen had filled my skin and brought some youthfulness back. Over the next few days the pimples on my temples faded and haven’t come back since which is fab!

I highly recommend nipping in to your nearest stand if you get a chance as these quick little treatments are perfect to give your skin that extra little boost it needs to be at it’s best. Plus they’re so much cheaper and quicker than a full session at the spa which is perfect for anyone with a busy schedule.

**My facial session was received with compliments however all opinions are my own


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