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We FINALLY completed on our house last Friday and let me tell you, it’s the biggest relief EVER! I can understand why people say moving house is one of life’s most stressful situations – and we didn’t even have any chains involved in our purchase, we bought a new build (no current owner needing to move out) and we were coming from a rented property (no house to sell ourselves) so it’s the easiest of all buying situations possible. I don’t even want to think what it must be like when you have to sell your home and buy from someone who has to find the house they want to buy all at the same time…waaayyy too much going on then!

Whilst it took a little longer to complete than the sales agent told us (purely down to them taking longer to add certain things to the house than they said it would) we went from reserving to completing in just under 3 months. It’s one of the best feelings ever; walking in to your own home and knowing that, not only do you own something this important but, you can do whatever you want to it. After YEARS of renting properties where you have to spend 2 weeks getting permission to put a shelf up or get a new blind, it’s SO nice to know that you don’t have to ask permission for ANYTHING anymore – except for Phil, he still has to ask permission, otherwise I’d come home from work to find football wallpaper covering the living room or something RIDICULOUS like that **roles eyes**.

The house is pretty bare at the moment so I don’t have any pretty pictures to show you just yet, however I do have the most beautiful personalised keyrings to show you that were sent to us as a moving in present by fabulous DS London.

DS London are an accessories company founded by Jenni Davies who not only runs the company but designs and hand makes the products herself too – got to have respect for the absolute girlboss doing all that! They make lots of gorgeous leather accessories – bags, clutches, wallets, keyrings etc – and in a wide range of colour options. I chose the Mink keyring and Phil had a black one.

Their items are hand made which means no two are exactly the same and Jenni says that’s what makes DS London so proud of their products. The quality of the leather is fantastic and they feel really sturdy and strong whilst not being stiff – the leather is super supple and has that heavenly leather smell. The personalisation on them is in silver and can be tailored to your wishes – you can opt to have the company logo or just your initials.

You’re also able to contact Jenni and request to have customised items made just for you – I think I’m going to have to request a laptop bag for my work laptop as the one they provided me is ghastly and, going by the rest of DS London’s items I think theirs would be sleek and stylish for when I have to travel for work!

For 10% off DS London products you can use my code “MH10” – happy shopping everyone!

**These items were received with compliments – all opinions are my own


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