December Lust List | 30 Best Christmas Jumpers

It’s that time of year again! CHRISTMAS!!!

Like most people, to me the first of December means all systems go for Christmas…my decorations and tree actually went up two weeks ago as I was being super keen but this morning marked 25 days of it being acceptable to start the day with a piece of chocolate (oh heyyyy advent calendar you cheeky little thing) and I get to spend the whole month drinking Baileys hot chocolate (even on school nights) and it not be considered a “problem”. WIN! The first of December also means that if you haven’t finished (*started) Christmas shopping then you better get your shit together because you need to do it all out of one paycheck now!

I think all most people think of during December is Christmas, bar those few, like my best friend, who have the unfortunate luck of having their birthday in December. Let’s all just take a second to offer her, and all December babies, sympathy for having their birthday so close to Christmas, I mean that’s a lot of months sans presents! The princess diva in me feels for you!

The other fab thing about Christmas is getting to wear cosy jumpers and sweatshirts to work because, well, it’s a Christmas jumper. I LOVE a Christmas jumper, but only a subtle/funny/rude/borderline inappropriate one. Below are my favourite 30 jumpers that fit that category this year, enjoy!

Festive AF – £15
Let it snow – £35
Pull me – £27.95
Piste Again – £34
Sprout Lover – £30
Tree-Mendous – £45
Joy – £40
GINgle Bells – £32

What’s your favourite thing about this time of year? Do you have anything exciting planned for the Christmas season? Get in touch and let me know…


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