Buying a House: Our Needs v Wants List

This year Phil and I have started planning for, and taking steps towards, buying our first home together. We’ve lived together for nearly 2 years now so we know we can handle the trials and tribulations of co-habiting and are both ready to take the next step (a house, not marriage – chill people!).

The whole buying process is filled with so many things to consider and so we’ve been researching, discussing with experts and talking to our parents/family/friends about everything from finances to location and house requirements. We’ve also been considering the things we want out of a home and which of those we are willing to compromise on (the Princess in me doesn’t like the idea of compromising so Phil has to reign me in now and then!).

With that in mind, and a lot of inspiration from The 5 Year Memory Blog (definitely worth checking out for those Lifestyle Blog lovers of you out there!), I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of the things we NEED and the things we WANT (the things Princess Maxine might have to compromise on). As I’ll obviously be including pictures within this I also thought I’d add a list of the things we DREAM OF – because who doesn’t love thinking about their dream home and seeing pictures of interior design porn, I know I do!! So here goes…

The NEEDS list:

  • Driveway
  • Minimum 2 double bedrooms and 1 single room
  • Bathroom with a bath
  • Not on a main road – we want a puppy!
  • Kitchen big enough for our American fridge-freezer
  • Good sized kitchen and bathroom
  • Nice kitchen and bathroom – we want something that we won’t have to renovate too soon if we don’t want to
  • Garden with grass, but not too much grass
  • Hallway/porch/entranceway
  • Close enough to walk to shops
  • Easy public transport access
  • Not more than 30-40 mins driving time to work (in rush hour traffic)

The WANTS list:

  • Garage
  • 3 double bedrooms
  • Conservatory
  • Study/Office/Den
  • Downstairs toilet

The DREAMS list:

  • A cottage with beams
  • Visible brick
  • A rolltop bath
  • Belfast sink in the kitchen
  • A window seat
  • An island in the kitchen
  • Walk in wardrobe/extra bedroom next to master bedroom that can be converted
  • En-suite bedroom

As you can probably tell by how girly the above pictures are, most of these things are my wants/needs. Phil’s main requirements for the house are to not be far from work, easy transport in to Manchester, that we have Sky Sports (zzzzzzz). And if he could have his way then I’m sure we’d have a 5-a-side pitch in the back garden too!

If you’ve had a look at the source of most of my images in this post then you’ll realise that basically my dream home already exists and belongs to a lovely lady I follow on Instagram called Cara. I’m not ashamed to admit that I stalk her Instagram account daily (for both inspiration and some envious drooling over her amazing home). It helps that’s she also accompanies her posts with hilariously truthful captions. If you love gorgeous house pictures and humorous posts about life (including, but not limited to, kids, dogs and marriage) then check our her Instagram and also her blog – Within These Walls Blog.

I also have MAJOR wardrobe envy of Kristy who has the most amazing fashion sense and not one but TWO gorgeous wardrobe’s to house it all in…swoooooon!

I’m sure this list will adapt over time and some compromising will have to be done when the time actually comes to buy our first home (sad face) but for now, these are the things that we have considered.

What about you guys, what are your necessities for a home and what are your dream features? Is there anything you think we have missed/not thought of? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Lots of love


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