August Lust List | Formal Event Outfit Inspo

At the end of the month I’m off to Chester Races Ladies Day with the girls (I CANNOT WAIT!!!) and then in October I have my cousins wedding at a country club in New York so lately I’ve been on the hunt for some posh outfits for these events – something classy but comfortable that isn’t going to show off the extra pounds that have been creeping up on my gym-avoiding self lately!

I’ve been completely torn because, whilst I know black is always a slimming option, as it’s summer I fancy something a bit more fun for the races and black is never appropriate for a wedding. As it’s an American wedding we’re going to, there’s also a rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding that I need a nice outfit for so I really need to get my shopping head on (and probably stop gorging on pizza every other night, sigh).

Have you seen any nice dresses lately that you think would make a good outfit for either of these events? I’m desperately in need of more inspo!


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