An LA Weave with Paulette Elissa Hair Extensions

I’ve always had naturally long hair. However, unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with particularly thick hair. So those strands that actually make it down to the middle of my back are few and far between, leaving me pining over those long, thick, luscious locks that I see all over my Insta feed or in every magazine. Cliche I know. Below are a few photos of me with my hair before I had the extensions put in…

Back when I lived in Cheltenham, I looked in to getting semi-permanent extensions – micro rings/bond etc. – but the prices were always WAAAAYYY out of my budget; the decent ones were anyway. But when I moved to Manchester, and the option pool quadrupled in size, I started looking in to it again. After a mammoth stalking session of hair extensions reviews, where I found Beauty Works and their Insta feed, I came across Paulette, of Paulette Elissa Hair Extensions, who offers a variety of extensions options including weaves, bonds, rings and even fantastic quality clip in extensions.

Her pictures on her feed looked fantastic and her prices were completely reasonable so I booked a consultation with her. The consultation was relatively quick – we talked about what look I was trying to achieve, how much time I wanted to spend maintaining my hair, what colour I would be looking for and my budget. Once we had talked through it all, Paulette suggested that I go for a weave bond. This is similar to clip in extensions in that it’s strips of hair however it’s bonded in using micro rings which are fastened to hair tucked either side of the strip. A weave is also cheaper than bonds as it doesn’t take as long to fit, so at £425 for princess hair it was a fantastic price!

The reason we went for this type of extensions is because they offer more thickness than the individual bonds yet require less day to day maintenance and can be left longer between re-fit sessions. There’s also no chance of losing sections of hair as it’s all attached together whereas, with the individual bonds, it’s common to lose a few between refits which means paying for more hair to replace them. The weaves Paulette offers are actually by Remi Cachet rather than Beauty Works but she assured me that the quality of the hair was fantastic and would last me a long time.

I got the extensions put in, which took around 90minutes, in the November and Paulette wasn’t kidding; the quality and feel of them was amazing. And they look so realistic, nobody ever realises I have extensions until I tell them! The weft sits underneath the sticky-out bit at the back of my skull and then bends up at the sides to just below my temple. This means that it sits under most of my natural hair making the blend look natural whilst also being covered by hair when I tie it up – something difficult to achieve with the bonds. I was so happy with my hair! Paulette did a quick cut to blend the extensions in with my natural hair and I was good to go.

Fast forward 15 months and my extensions are still going strong! Admittedly they are thinner than they were when they were first put in; this is where the hair has fallen out of the weft, or broken through brushing, over time but they’re still more than thick enough and are still super sleek and smooth even after all the washing and straightening I’ve done to them.

I’m thinking I’ll probably look to get some new hair in a few months (which will mean I’ll have gotten 18 months or so out of this hair – amazing for the price!) and I think that next time around I’m going to go for a balayage style colour which will be just in time for summer.

Paulette is based above a salon in Hale, Cheshire so if you’re in the local area then you should definitely get in touch with her if you’re interested in getting extensions as she’s amazing at them and so well priced compared to a lot of extensionists out there! You can check out her Insta feed if you want to see examples of her fab work.


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