A Review of 2016 and Goals for 2017

I always like to look back at my aims and assess how I think I have done/not done on them. So here’s a look back at what 2016 has brought me, a review of my resolutions from the start of the year (which you can find here) and my plans for 2017…

2016 has brought me so many amazing things…

1. One of my oldest friends had a baby, and a gorgeous baby shower!
2. I got to see my Nan get married.
3. I traveled quite a lot…with work I went to Midtjylland, Barcelona, Vienna, Budapest, Brussels, Rotterdam, Istanbul and Odessa. For personal travel I visited Cape Verde, County Wexford and Wicklow Mountains (Ireland) and Dublin.
4. One of my uni friends moved to Manchester with her boyfriend and it’s awesome to spend more time with her again now.
5. I was bridesmaid for one of my friends and also went to Cardiff for her hen party.
6. Our team at work has doubled which has not only made our days easier and a LOT more fun but also meant I have made several new, really good, friends in Manchester.
7. One of my friends came back from Australia so I get to see her loads more now.
8. My childhood best friend got married.
9. Phil took me away for my birthday.
10. I ran some fantastic trips with work which went really well.
11. My dad and I got a lot closer which is something I have always wished for.
12. Phil and I bought our first home and had Christmas here with all my family.

2016 has been once of the easiest and most enjoyable years I’ve had in a long time…nothing majorly negative happened and the year just sort of floated by comfortably.

My resolutions from the start of the year were 3, relatively achievable, things…

1: Be better with my money…
So I’d say that for the first half of the year I wasn’t amazing at being better with my money, I bought myself a new camera, I booked a holiday and (standard) still spent quite a bit of money on clothes and makeup. However half way through the year we started looking at houses and so I started being dead strict with myself as lenders have to look at a few months of your finances before they agree to give you a mortgage and I KNEW that nobody would lend to me with my spending habits. In September we reserved our house and in November we finally completed and moved in (yaaaayyyyy!) so I would say that around 6 months of the year was pretty successful and we ended the year with our very own home which was the point of this resolution so I’d say I did ok…just don’t look at my wardrobe 😉

2: Put more effort in to my relationship…
3: Keep going with my blog…

I think both of these resolutions fell by the wayside a little this year as, at the beginning of the year, we became pretty short staffed at work when someone left our team at the same time that we took on a lot of extra work – this effectively meant we were left with half the staff we needed. Those of us left had to massively pull our socks up and crack on with tonnes of stuff which wasn’t a huge issue but it meant that by the time I got home from work I was beyond shattered (we were also working a lot of weekends on events) and anything other than food and sleep was way too much hard work. When we finally got more staff it was already the summer event season which is already mad busy with lots of travel at weekends. By that point Phil and I were also looking at houses and so trying to limit our spending to absolute essentials – we also had SO much to do for the house in terms of solicitor/mortgage advisor meetings etc. Finding time to spend together in general became more important than going out and doing exciting things together – chilling on the sofa was a luxury! And that goes hand in hand with keeping up with my blog, having the time was so hard – I have about 50 half-finished blog drafts saved on my laptop! But I always found that by the time I got around to going back to finish them they weren’t relevant anymore and so I’d move on to another that I’d then only half finish.

I will  be carrying the second 2 aims from 2016 through to 2017 and trying to not make excuses and get shit done! I will make more of an effort to be sociable with Phil – I’ll be moving office in to the city centre of Manchester in a few months which I’m super excited about and I think it will help me to do more social things as I will already be in town every evening and my laziness can’t prevail if I don’t have to travel in. I’ve also rebranded my blog and switched host and website builder as I found that I spent half my time trying to figure out how to do simple things on WordPress that ate away at my time. Thanks to the recommendation of my cousin Beth, from Happy Little London, I’m now using Wix as a website builder which I find much simpler to set up and use; leaving me more time to focus on actual blog posts.

My other aims are to:

1: Save up and get a dog/puppy.

I never feel like a home is complete without some kind of fur baby (I don’t want real babies!) but living in rented properties has always meant that we haven’t been able to get a dog as most landlords don’t accept them. So now that we FINALLY have our own home we’re in the position to get a furry little friend to live with us. We’re looking at puppies but are also going to go round some rescue homes and see if we can adopt a dog in need of a loving home…watch this space!

2: Go on a big holiday to somewhere I’ve never been before.

Both Phil and I love to travel and I know I do a lot with work already but we want to go on a big holiday this year, somewhere we’ve both never been before and do something different. Last year, as we were saving for a house, we just went on a little cheap last minute holiday to get some sun. But this year we have time to save and plan a big adventure. We’re currently thinking of a road trip around California, with a little stop in Vegas (I mean we can’t not right?!). I’ve only ever been to NYC before and Phil has never been to the US at all so this is currently our first choice at the moment.

3. Make a good start at decorating the new house.

We moved into the house mid-December which meant we haven’t had much time to organise/decorate etc so I’d like to make a good start at turning the house into a home this year. It doesn’t need to be finished by the end of the year as we’d rather take our time and make it perfect than rush it and then want to change things later. We’ll probably work one room at a time. Blinds and curtains will NEED to be in by summer when the sun starts to rise super early, at least in our bedroom anyway, but for now it’s so dark in the mornings that it doesn’t matter. I’m SO excited for this task as I LOVE spending hours looking online at interior sites and Instagram accounts. One of my Insta-friends, the lovely Gem, is soon launching her own website of home interior goodies which I can’t wait for as her home is dreamy and she has such lovely taste…keep your eyes peeled for Sanctuary Home Interiors. Another website I’m currently swooning over is West Barn Interiors, so be prepared to see half of the things on these sites filling my Instagram in the coming months!

What are your plans for 2017? Have you set yourself any goals for the year?


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