A Birthday Trip to Ireland

It’s October, and that means one thing and one thing only (Halloween can do one!) – IT’S MY BIRTHDAYYYYY!!!! AND I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!!! (and by that I mean I love MY birthday….yes I’m a princess, ssshh!)

Technically my birthday was last week, and what a GREAT week it was! The weekend before my birthday I was home (Oxfordshire) because my oldest and most treasured friend, who I’ve known since we were 8, married her dream bloke! And it was such a beautiful wedding…I wore my new Reiss dress and shoes which were actually SO comfy and I was on my feet almost the whole day with no aching – heaven!

The rest of the weekend after the wedding was spent celebrating with family and generally chilling out. Then it was back to work…sob! BUT on my actual birthday (Thursday) Phil woke me up early and we flew out to Dublin where we rented a car and drove down to Gorey in County Wexford, Ireland. We stayed in a little cottage called Tara Hill Lodge which Phil rented through airbnb – it was a GORGEOUS cottage in the grounds of a big manor house and the owners were so lovely!

We spent the weekend walking around the small country lanes near the cottage and exploring the area. That evening we went for a birthday meal out at The Duck which was recommended to us by the couple we were renting from. It’s a cute little country restaurant tucked in to the grounds of Marfield House Hotel – it’s THE most picturesque place ever, I can imagine it being a beautiful wedding venue in the summer months.

We had antipasti to share for a starter and then I had an incredible burger whilst Phil had chicken with these mouth watering spiced sweet potatoes. We had some wine and also a jug of their homemade cloudy lemonade – the whole meal was absolute heaven, I could have gone back every night!

The following day we spent exploring the area a bit further from the cottage, we basically spent the whole day walking around and managed to rock up 16,000 steps! We went down to Kilgorman beach and up the mountains in Tara Hill Woods. That evening we went to a local pub and some traditional Irish food, and plenty of Guinness to go with it!

We left the cottage just after lunchtime the following day (our last day…boo!) and headed for Wicklow Mountains National Park – most girls will remember the scene in P.S. I love you where the main characters meet along that country road – yep that’s Wicklow Mountains National Park! It’s basically miles and miles of countryside, mountains, lakes, wilderness, valleys and old ruins. We drove through the National Park and kept stopping every few miles to explore the area, there was so much to see!


We then stopped for lunch at Casey’s Bar and Bistro in Glendalough and I had THE most delicious banoffee pie for dessert! After lunch we kept driving and ended up at Upper Lake which is surrounded by lots of woodland and walking trails which we explored for a few hours. When it started getting late we made our way back to the airport to drop the car off and head home.

I had the best birthday weekend away and I can’t wait to go back to the Irish countryside and explore more. Ireland is the more beautiful and friendly country and there is so much more of it left to see!


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